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About Designsols

Designsols was previously known as Logixinn. Before 2003, we were more into desktop applications but in 2003 we restructured our entire company to primarily target Web and Graphic solutions while software development became second priority. Company was renamed to Designsols and since then we are taking care of all kind of graphic, web and information technology needs of our valued clients. Our clients are our assets and we are honored to retain our clients with us for lifelong times.

Dedicated to Our Clients

We have added this paragraph solely for our clients. Our clients are like a family to us and we are nothing without them. 14 years passed and some of the startup businesses who joined us a decade ago have become corporate giants. It is an honor for us to serve them still. Our formula is simple, we never break trust of our clients. Any information they pass to us stays with us and never gets elsewhere. You are welcome to join us as a client and as a Designsols community member. Our annual maintenance contracts help businesses keeping their costs to the lowest while still having benefits of a complete IT department. Trust us for your work and you won’t regret.